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Data Management is the next big thing in the corporate world. More and more organizations are understanding the value of data. In fact, companies are of the view that if the data is used cohesively, then it can help them in the decision-making process pertaining to some problem areas. Infrastructure management is another important domain that has to be taken under serious consideration.

  • Reference Architecture Solutions

    Reference architecture is basically a pre-defined infrastructure strategy, wherein the technologies are already incorporated, as well as standardized for optimal performance for your specific IT related functionalities. Reference Architecture is really helpful for those organizations who are more interested in getting a readymade infrastructure template for ease of use. Testing plays a coherent role, as there is no room for any flaws whatsoever.

  • Data & Storage Management

    Unicorntek has full-fledged data management teams who have got the required expertise in carrying out precise data management activities for our clients. Unicorntek has got a company designed strategy for storing and managing your company’s valuable data and that too in line with set procedures and guidelines that is exclusively developed for flawless and efficient use of data.

  • Cloud Solutions

    Off late, many companies have understood the power of cloud computing and the solid benefit of leveraging upon it. It is by far one of the best methods to empower various chains that fall under the umbrella of IT department. Storing information on cloud platform and the security that comes with it is something to be counted for.

  • Remote Infrastructure Management

    Businesses today are more concerned about setting up an efficient yet practicable IT Infrastructure. In fact, some companies due to lack of proper IT Infrastructure specialists are going for an alternate plan of action. Setting up IT Infrastructure management remotely, is something the clients are looking forward for. This means the entire hardware and software functionalities of a particular organization are taken care by a third-party, who are generally certified professionals in dealing with varied IT Infrastructure services systematically with the best of support services.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery plays a prominent role especially in IT based organizations, where stacks of IT related information are piled up over the years. Now if by chance, due to a human or natural disaster the information is lost, it will really be painful, as the company might incur heavy losses. This is where a proper disaster recovery plan of action comes into perspective.