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Every Industry has got its specific requirement and so the issues’ pertaining to a specific industry has to be handled in a prolific manner. With an array of Industries contributing towards the economy, it becomes really important to solve the issues of industries in an amicable manner. Unicorntek is committed to provide seamless IT Services to Industries.


We will take care of all the retail aspects that are inherent for the smooth functioning of the retail business.

Banking & Finance

At Unicorntek, our custom-made solutions for banking and financial sector will address and solve the core issues.


Building customized IT Solutions for the insurance domain and thereby streamlining the entire process flow.


New and improved IT methodologies that will lessen the flaws and improve the productivity of a manufacturing sector.


Extensive data management plays a key role in the Healthcare sector. Unicorntek’s data management solutions will boost the performance of Healthcare sector.


Telecom services require a whole range of specific services coupled with relevant expertise. Unicorntek will justify with its creditable services.

  • Our Industry Specific Services:

    Unicorntek has got the necessary tactics in addressing industry specific issues. We have got a team of Industry experts who come from various domains. We are able to adjudge the pressing Industry problems and thereby come up with concrete IT Solutions that can eventually help in building Industries, and thereby taking the inherent yet relevant functionalities of a particular industry to the next level.

    The corporate scenario has changed today, with new domains such as data management and infrastructure management playing a prominent role for the growth of certain companies. With Unicortek’s exclusive data management and Infrastructure management services, Industries can expect the best of services that are fool proof, process-oriented and lastly in line with Industry Quality standards.