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Reference Architecture Solutions

Reference architecture is basically a pre-defined infrastructure strategy, wherein the technologies are already incorporated, as well as standardized for optimal performance for your specific IT related functionalities. Reference Architecture is really helpful for those organizations who are more interested in getting a readymade infrastructure template for ease of use. Testing plays a coherent role, as there is no room for any flaws whatsoever.

  • Direct Business Outcomes

    • Optimized server and datacenter consolidation
    • Comprehensive problem triage with quick resolution
    • Higher availability
    • Improved RTO/RPO performance
    • Transitioning legacy IT spend investments in innovative technologies
  • Our Reference Architecture Solution Stack (RASS) provides preconfigured solutions that solve a well-defined set of specific issues using readily available technology under a single umbrella of support.

    A Reference Architecture strategy serves as a foundation for architectures and solutions and may also be used for comparison and alignment purposes. The immediate benefits of RASS are lower cost, increased flexibility (no vendor lock-in), more freedom, interoperability and longevity or a long-life cycle of continued solution use. RASS provides our customers with the framework to protect their data from creation to deletion.